State of the Canadian Market and What’s Next in 2023

0:00:00 Welcome

0:03:30 Opening remarks - Mike Ljubicic

0:06:06 Gauging a consumer recession - Carman Allison

0:40:05 Inflation: The consumer impacted - Jenny Mabley

1:03:00 Rising prices and how to win - Ted Nasimok

1:25:25 Panel: What to expect from emerging FMCG brands in 2023 - Francis Parisien & Francis Viau

1:58:36 A view from the bar: The latest insights on restaurants and bars - Matthew Crompton

2:20:00 How low can we go? The challenge of assortment rationalization - Kenn Manzerolle

2:40:02 Product attribute data: The essential ingredient for a vegan lifestyle - Francis Parisien

2:54:30 Canadian NielsenIQ experts answer - All speakers